Education Carnival And Sabah State Career

The Ministry of Education & Innovation and Yayasan Sabah will be organizing EDUCATION CARNIVAL AND SABAH STATE CAREER, this carnival will take place on 3-5 May 2019, at the Yayasan Sabah Parking area & PPNS. Various Exciting Events such as:
  1. Rebate Up to 30% and Forgiveness to Sabah Yayasan borrowers.
  2. Counter to Buy Pin and Apply for State Government Scholarship and Sabah Yayasan Scholarship.
  3. Exhibition of IPTA / IPTS to give Opportunities to choose IPT to SPM and STPM students.
  4. Exhibition of Agencies and NGOs.
  5. Open Career and Interview Fair to all who want to get work, to those who succeed in the interview, they will be offered a letter of offer.
  6. Sales Stalls and souvenirs (those who are interested to sell in conjunction with the carnival please contact directly, pn. Salbiah 0135457171)
  7. Performances of Peninsular and Local Artistes such as Ameng Spring, Zack Boys Glasses, Naqui Boboy, Den Visa, Dino and Many More.
  8. Food Truck (please contact the DBKK directly).
  9. Islamic Counseling, Mathematics, Medicine and Homeopathy Seminars and dialogues with sponsors granting scholarships and loans such as PTPTN, NRIC, BIORISWA YS, MARA, PETRONAS and more.
  10. Cultural Presentation.
  11. Talita, Singer and Actor talent test by RTM at Mini Konti RTM at the carnival site.
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