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  • Contact our 24-Hour Sabah.Net Customer Support Hotline at (088) 234101

Sabah.Net E-mail Service is a basic service for you to explore the Internet and Intranet. All users of this service will enjoy:

Sabah.Net Internet + Intranet Electronic Mail Account (2Mb disk space)

Sabah.Net Internet + Intranet Access Account

Access to exclusiveSabah.Net value-added services

You may subscribe for a Sabah.Net account even if you already have an existing Internet account (for instance from Jaring or TMnet).

Minimum requirement to use Sabah.Net E-mail Service is one (1) Personal Computer (PC) with:

486CPU minimum

8 MB minimum

Operating System
Windows 95/NT minimum

External / Internet Modem
28.8 kbps minimum

Sabah.Net E-mail service is free; however, users will still have to bear the telecommunication charges. 


For Government agencies, department, and statutory boards, please refer to the Unit Kemajuan IT of Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation for this service.