Select from the topic-specific questions to find the answers to your question. For further assistance on using our Sabah.Net account services, please e-mail our Customer Support or call our Hotline at (088) 234101.

General Network

Sabah.Net users will have exclusive access to specific Intranet applications and contents. Here are just a few of the services you can expect in the future:-

  • Bulletin Board System, where you can search for or post job opportunities, current events in Sabah, announcements and more
  • E-fora, where you can have discussions on-line on your own pace anywhere, anytime, with anyone in the whole world, as long as you have Internet access
  • On-line Faxing, with fees equal to a local call when you fax anywhere in Sabah
  • Government and commercial on-line tendering system
  • Education applications, where you can book a place in primary/secondary/higher learning schools for yourself or your child, get tutoring on-line, reserve and search books in Sabah State Library, or check your PMR/SPM results on-line
  • Electronic commerce applications, where you can make electronic fund transfers, on-line insurance claim, on-line reservations to hotels and travel agencies, bidding services
  • and the list goes on...

For organisations and companies wishing to host their applications in Sabah.Net, these are a few of the benefits:-

  • Enterprise Networking : Companies and organisations can establish secured enterprise-wide network on Sabah.Net
  • Intranet Applications and Contents : Companies and organisations can develop their own Intranet applications and contents and make them instantly accessible to targeted users via the security of the Sabah.Net infrastructure.
  • Internet Applications and Contents : Companies and organisation can also host their Internet applications and contents in the Sabah.Net Internet Servers Farm, eliminating the need to invest in equipment and infrastructure facilities.
Yes. As a Sabah.Net user, you can access the Internet via Sabah.Net.
Yes. Sabah.Net users can refer to the On-line Policies for further information.

You will know your mail quota has been exceeded when you receive a message with the subject "Warning -- QUOTA EXCEEDED". If you stop receiving this message the next time you download/check mail, it means your quota has been cleared and you do not have to do anythingelse. If you continue to receive this message every time you check mail, you need to clear your mail quota. Firstly, make sure that you do not leave a copy of your messages on the server after retrieval. To disable this function, do the following:

  • In Netscape Messenger, click on Edit menu -> Preferences -> Mail & Newsgroups -> Mail Servers -> click Edit button -> go to POP tab -> untick (leave the box empty) for "Leave messages on server" -> click OK until you get back to your Inbox.
  • In Outlook, click on Tools menu -> Accounts -> go to Mail tab -> double-click on your mail account (which has exceeded quota) -> go to Advanced tab -> in Delivery section, untick (leave the box empty) for "Leave a copy of messages on server" -> click OK -> click Close.
  • Now download/check your mail again. You should not receive the "Warning -- QUOTA EXCEEDED" message anymore. This means your mail quota has been cleared.
Yes, you are more than welcome to develop applications that ride on Sabah.Net, especially when those applications are benificial to other Sabah.Net users. For further information, please contact Sabah.Net System Administrator (Unit Kemajuan IT of Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) or Operator (Sabah Net Sdn. Bhd.).
Please refer to Sabah.Net Contact Page to see the list of contacts for your different needs.

Data & Application Hosting

Sabah.Net Data and Application Hosting Services is a service provided by Sabah.Net for its users to host data and applications on Sabah.Net server, in order to make them accessable by other Sabah.Net users or the Internet community. Some of the examples web pages, database and so forth. For further information, please refer to Sabah.Net Data and Applications Hosting Services.
All Sabah.Net users are qualified to host data and application on Sabah.Net. For further information, please refer to Sabah.Net Data and Applications Hosting Services.
Sabah.Net Interenet Server Farm is allocated in the Internet zone which is outside the Sabah.Net firewall, and Sabah.Net Intranet Server Farm is allocated in the Intranet zone which is inside the Sabah.Net firewall.Data and application that are hosted in the Internet Server Farm are accessable by all Sabah.Net users and also Internet users. On the other hand, data and application that are hosted in the Intranet Server Farm are accessable only by Sabah.Net users.


All Sabah.Net email users are given 2MB hard disk space for storing their e-mail messages.
You can keep your e-mail messages in the e-mail server as long as you wish. However, it is recommended for users to frequently remove their messages from the e-mail server. Once the allocated 2MB hard disk space is full, no further e-mail messages can be sent to the user’s e-mail account.
Sabah.Net does not plan to restrict its users from accessing other e-mail servers in the Internet. In most cases, users will have no problem accessing other e-mail servers through Sabah.Net. However, Sabah.Net does not guarantee such services.
For account management purposes, users are currently not allow to change his / her user ID once confirmed.
Go to the User Account Management page and follow the instructions.